Absolutes & Participles: TV Show Clip

As the campaign team walked confidently down the red carpet they soon realized that it wasn’t long before they’d be walking on ice. As they reached the end of the carpet, Leslie Knope walked out onto the ice, teeth gritted and eyes widened. The members of her campaign team walked along beside her.  Ron bent down to pick up Champion, the three legged dog, his face drooped. Andy and April tip toed onto the ice, their feet cautiously moving one in front of the other.

Ron soon exclaimed “the dog is now peeing on me,” his face got tighter and angrier. Andy, becoming impatient began to slip on the ice, his feet dancing back and forth until he slipped. His back thudded against the cold hard ice and April knelt down to help him out. Meanwhile, people in the crowd were in utter disbelief. One particular member’s eyes widened and jaw dropped as they saw Leslie’s campaign team slowly move toward the stage.

At last, the campaign team made it to the stage. Leslie’s forced smile soon faded and her teeth disappeared. She tried to get on the stage, her feet still slipping on the ice. With the help of her team, she was able to stand up. Leslie pulled note cards out of her pocket and began searching through them, her hands slightly trembled. The look of enthusiasm faded from her face as her hands jumbled through the cards. Her voice trembled as she gave her scattered speech.

All of the sudden, Pistol Pete arrives in the corner of the screen. He has a microphone and a smile emerges on his face as he exclaims that he’ll be supporting Leslie Knope. Bystanders roll out a portable basketball hoop on the ice. Pete runs at the hoop, his feet thrashing as they glide across the ice rink. Then, Pete jumps but as he jumps he slips. He lands on the cold and hard ice, like Andy, his back thuds as it meets the solid surface.




One thought on “Absolutes & Participles: TV Show Clip

  1. You did an awesome job at creating a lengthy and descriptive post out of something small. This was so funny and I love that you were able to give us so much information in just a small blog post. The only suggestion I have is to give a little bit more background on the people you introduced. Keep up the good work!


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